30k Turn by Turn Directions

  • MILE 1 - 3

    Start on Commonwealth drive, and then make a left onto Riverside Trail. Follow Riverside trail up, and past the green shed. Go left here. Follow Hogback Trail To Dante’s View. Go left here, and follow MT.Hollywood Trail to aid station at Observatory. This will be mile 3.

  • MILES 3 - 5

    From here leave the aid station and run back up the MT.Hollywood trail to Dante’s View. Go left here onto the North Trail. In about a 100 yards stay to the left, and follow the Three Mile Trail down to the paved MT Hollywood Road. Go right here. Follow the road for about a 1/2 mile to aid station #2 which will be along MT Hollywood Road. This will be mile 5.

  • MILES 5 - 6.5

    From the aid station go up Chapel Hill trail to the top, and turn around at the volunteer, and get your bracelet. Return back to the aid station. This will be mile 6.5

  • MILES 6.5 - 9

    Once you hit the aid station for the second time follow MT Hollywood Drive for about a 1/4 mile, and then go left down the North Trail. Follow this to Amir’s Garden, and the down to the Mineral Wells Picnic Area. You will now be on the Mineral Wells Trail. Go right here. Follow for about 1.5 miles until you hit the aid station. You will now be at mile 9.

  • MILES 9 - 13.5

    Once at the aid station do not go back with the half marathoners! You will keep following the Old Zoo trail through the Old Zoo, and then onto Lower Beacon Trail. Follow Lower Beacon Trail up to 5 points, and then go right down Fern Canyon, and then back to the Old Zoo Trail. Follow this back to the Old Zoo aid station. This will be mile 13.5

  • MILES 13.5 - 16

    From the aid station follow the Old Zoo Trail to Mineral Wells, then back up to Amir’s Garden, and then back up to MT Hollywood Road aid station. This will now be mile 16.

  • MILES 16 - 18.3

    From the aid station do NOT repeat the out and back on Chapel Hill. Just follow the paved road back to 3 mile trail, and go left. Follow this back to Dante’s View. Once at Dante’s view DO NOT go back to the observatory. Simply follow Hogback trail back to the Riverside trail, and then on back down to the finish.

Race Starts 6:30am

Cut-Offs 6.5 hrs

Bib Pick-up

Bib packet Pickup: from 5:15am on race morning.

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Course Profile & Aid Stations

  • Aid station #1: Observatory: Mile 3
  • Aid station #2: MT Hollywood Road: Mile 5
  • Aid station #3: MT Hollywood Road #2: Mile 6.5
  • Aid station #4: Old Zoo: Mile 9
  • Aid station #5: Old Zoo #2: Mile 13.5
  • Aid station #6: MT Hollywood Road #3: Mile 16
  • Finish line: 18.3 miles